Ricardo Cuberos Mejía, Dr. Arq.

Expert consultant in urban and regional planning,
and geographic information systems for
land register, environmental studies and oil industry.

Wide expertise in design and civil works of buildings (residential, culture, commerce,
industry and banking), also dwelling complexes and urban design.

PHD in Architecture (Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela, 2015), Postdoctal Diploma
(Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela, 2016) Master in Information and Knowledge Society -
Urban and Regional Planning (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain, 2006),
Master in Architecture - Computing in Architecture (Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela, 1997).
University Expert in Geographic Information Systems (Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Spain, 2005)
Microsoft Certified Professional (1999) with many courses in e-gob,
GIS, social sciences reasearch and watershed planning (USA, Canada, Colombia).

Tenured professor at University of Zulia (LUZ), in academic labor since 1984,
undergraduate and graduate teacher for several higher education institutions,
research and extension consultant for public and private sector,
with wide university management experience.

Co-author of many papers, lectures and chapters in peer-reviewed books.
Co-director of scientific journals, and usual peer reviewer of scientist journals and meetings.

Computer applied guest speaker in architectural and urban design,
at USA, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.

Lead researcher, co-researcher and advisor in 11 accredited scientific studies.

My documents in Academia.edu, ResearchGate and OrcID
My presentations in YouTube and Slideshare
My presence in GOOGLE, Google Scholar and LinkedIn
My b-learning courses on Moodle


Territorial planning

Integral regional planning, special management areas, environmental analysis, urban planning.


Urban and building design

Sustainable urban design, architectural projects, civil works inspection and management.



University R+D, transdisciplinary methods, adaptation of technics to particular problems.



Undergraduate and graduate instruction levels, technical worshops, professional training.


Leading Cloud Surveillance, Recording and Storage service; IP camera live viewing

Leading Enterprise Cloud IT Service; cloud file server, FTP Hosting, Online Storage, Backup and Sharing

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